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Data Center

Certified Secure

Data Center Services

The ESC manages an environmentally controlled in-house U.S. DOT security-certified Tier 3 hosting facility, known as the Systems Management Facility(SMF). The SMF is one of four authorized FAA Enterprise Data Centers. The SMF holds certification with the International Standard for Organization (ISO) 20001 as a certified facility. The SMF has a diverse and dedicated staff of Information Technology professionals who are proficient in systems architecture and integration, infrastructure management and operation, and disaster recovery. The SMF secure IT infrastructure consists of nearly 700 physical and virtual servers, over 75 Oracle databases, more than 15 Microsoft SQL Server databases, and offers in excess of 1,520 terabytes of physical data storage. The facility has redundant operations in cooling, emergency power, and uninterrupted power supply and is rated as a Tier 3 data center.

The Data Center provides services such as: systems administration, database administration, patch management, storage administration, incident management, backup/restoration and disaster recovery. The SMF uses server virtualization technologies, strict standards, and economies of scale to enable rapid delivery of cost-effective, fully managed operating platforms with expanded inheritable security controls. The ESC managed Enterprise Data Center is a federally owned space, offering agencies enterprise class infrastructure built from the ground up with market leading technologies. The SMF continues to innovate and utilize "green" industry best practices as much as possible to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and achieve cost savings for the customers.

Telecommunication Services

The ESC's Internet Access Point is designated as a Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) by the Department of Homeland Security. To provide increased redundancy and reliability, the ESC has established multiple demarcations supporting multiple Data Centers. Each demarcation is supported by separate carriers at gigabit rates and with Internet Protocal Version 6 (IPV6) and Internet Protocal Version 4 (IPV4).

Telecommunications supports connections to ESC customers through dedicated high-speed point-to-point circuits and with Internet and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Based on individual customer needs, usually a redundancy option is provided. Dedicated circuits supply consistency for the Service Levels expected by ESC customers. The combination of dedicated circuits with VPN provides robust, resilient communications to support high-availability telecommunications.