Media Solutions

ESC's Media Solutions Division, a full-service franchise of the US Department of Transportation, offers the flexibility you need and the services you desire at a price you can afford. In fact, our highly competitive pricing for creative and production services is well below the national average.

No matter your geographical location, we make the business of government easy. Consider us a virtual extension of your own office, staffed with an experienced creative team of multi-media experts, waiting to serve and ready at a moment's notice. We break the traditional boundaries of government acquisition. With ESC's Media Solutions Division, the timely completion of your projects is no longer delayed by the complicated, lengthy and time consuming acquisition process.

Doing business with us is simple. Completing a Customer Provider Agreement (CPA) and providing an appropriation code or credit card number is all it takes. We utilize a standardized methodology for all projects and have access to a staff of project management professionals helping to keep projects on track and on budget. Plus, using Media Solutions affords you the luxury of fiscal roll-over, should the need arise.


Telly Awards:

  • Civil Aerospace Medical Institute - "MedXPress: It's Easy!" (2013!)
  • The Enterprise Service Center's Customer Relationship Management – "Employee Communications"
  • Air Traffic Organization – "Back to Basics" Series
  • FAA Academy – "The Zone"
  • Civil Aerospace Medical Institute – "Stress in Aviation"

League of American Communications Professionals:

  • Received honorary – best in class for writing & designing the 2009 Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Annual Report and Business Review

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