In-House & Commercial Printing

With low overhead and quick turnarounds, the Printing area can turn out a large volume of copied material in a short period of time. Housing eight industrial copier machines, in-house printing can deliver items as small as a tab in an instruction manual to oversized laminated posters for outdoor use. An assortment of paper stock is available in varying weights and colors.

For items that require a little more printing complexity, projects are frequently and competitively outsourced via third party commercial print requests.

Photograph of ink cartriges and document output.

Document Destruction

Many agencies have the need to shred large volumes of information, much of which is Sensitive and/or Personally Identifiable Information (SPPI & PII). We host a Level 3 certified shredding facility using a National Security Agency (NSA) approved cross-cutting shredding application where large amounts of paper and PII are shredded and continuously recycled. That means the information shared with Media Solutions is protected, reducing product exposure to security and environmental threats.

Large, securely locked containers are issued to each customer to retain documents until a specified scheduled shredding time, significantly decreasing the vulnerability of identity theft. Whatever your shredding needs, a shredding cycle can be developed to best fit your agency's schedule.

Shredded documents spelling out the word CONFIDENTIAL.

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