Video Production

If it's important to document a one-time event, develop training, provide orientation or simply make an audience aware; the audio-visual specialists in Media Solutions can develop and produce a video to capture attention and to accurately convey your message.

Video projects are produced with specific objectives, strategies, and funding in mind. Video is recorded in high definition and edited in one of several AVID editing suites. These audio-video specialists can help develop a concept from beginning to completion. The end product can serve a variety of purposes and can be provided on a variety of delivery formats.

Media Solutions has been nationaly recognized; most recently with a 2013 Telly Award. You can see a list of our awards on the About Us page.

Wrong Runway training Promo video screenshot

Situational Awareness Promo video screenshot

Principles of Refrigeration video screenshot

Designee Management System video screenshot

Super Manager video screenshot

CMEL promotional video excerpt video screenshot

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