DOT Partnering for Excellence Award
Billy Anderson, Excellence Award (AJW-L94), Engineering Technician of the Radar Support Team

On November 17th, the FAA recognized the agency’s outstanding employees who were honored with the Department of Transportation Secretary’s 53rd Annual Awards. The Aeronautical Center had 2 winners (an individual award and a team award). Billy Anderson, Engineering Technician of the Radar Support Team (AJW-L94), was the DOT Excellence Award winner. Billy demonstrated excellence in leadership, continuous process improvement, and team building.

The "Partnering for Excellence Award" was presented to the Build America Bureau team, which is based in the Enterprise Services Center in Oklahoma City. This team includes some Aeronautical employees as well. The award is for the team’s remarkable efforts on the transition of the bureau’s programs and resources. The Build America Bureau team’s accomplishments have been astonishing. A transition of this degree had not been completed in recent agency history, and many aspects were new to the federal government. They moved billions of dollars of resources from dozens of accounts from the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration into the Office of the Secretary of Transportation.

Congratulations to the Build America Bureau team!

The team members are:
Nicole Boydtson, Financial Statements/Reporting & Analysis (AMK-335)
Toniya Darden, HTF Accounts Payable Section (AMK-315)
Michael Glick, Financial Statements/Reporting & Analysis (AMK-333)
Julie Johnson, Financial Statements/Reporting & Analysis (AMK-334)
Norshamsila Johnson, Financial Systems Analysis Unit (AMK-214A)
Nancy Keller, HTF Accounts Payable Section (AMK-315)
Kamala Koneru, Enterprise Management Portfolio B Branch (AEM-320)
DeAndre Moore, Reporting & Analysis Branch (AMK-330)
Tommy Neff, Financial Statements/Reporting & Analysis (AMK-333)
Kim K. Nguyen, Administrative Systems Unit (AMK-212B)
Lana Null, IPAC Payments Section (AMK-317)
Mark Richardson, DOT-HTF General Accounting Section (AMK-324)
Steve Rollins, Administrative Systems Unit (AMK-212B)
Heather Scott, Administrative Payments Branch (AMK-310)
Virginia Shaw, IPAC Payments Section (AMK-317)
Ronna Smelser, Financial Systems Support Unit (AMK-214B)
David M. Stone, Financial Statements/Reporting & Analysis (AMK-333)
Stephanie Wandick, DOT-HTF General Accounting Section (AMK-324)
Kyle Washburn, Financial Statements/Reporting & Analysis (AMK-335)
Ryan Wisniewski, HTF Accounts Payable Section (AMK-315)
Tammy Wiley, Financial Service Division (AMK-300)

Elaine L. Chao expressed the importance of recognizing colleagues who do outstanding work, especially this year during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Secretary Chao gave thanks to all of the award recipients for all of their unrelenting work during COVID-19. "Your efforts made a profound mark on the way the department responded to some of the nation’s toughest challenges." It is a prestigious honor to win a Department of Transportation Secretary Award. Congratulations to our Aeronautical Center employees for their accomplishments!

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