Streamlined Workflow Improves Timeline for Hiring Externally

No matter what federal agency one works for, everyone understands that the federal hiring process can be a lengthy one. The waiting period can be arduous for a potential new hire, while the actual paperwork process is tedious for those working behind the scenes trying to get all documents accounted for and thoroughly reviewed.

The Federal Government is one of the largest employers in the U.S. and let’s face it, there are many steps in the government’s hiring process. The amount of time it takes to hire someone depends upon the job they’re applying for, how many people have applied, and upon the hiring agency. The hiring agency is responsible for evaluating applications and providing applicants with the status at four points in the application process. Applicants then learn when the application is received, when it was reviewed, if the applicant was referred or not, and then if the applicant is selected or not. A background investigation and other security checks must also be factored into the timeframe.

Employees being selected individually by a crane

For hiring at the Aeronautical Center, the process involves approval from many different levels. To announce and fill a position with an external candidate within the FAA, a written request must be submitted through FAA Headquarters, and then be sent to the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST) for approval. The average time frame for processing one external hiring request is 51 days; that is, until just recently. In the interest of American Taxpayers and those patiently waiting for a job, members from the Aeronautical Center’s AMC Resource Management Section (ABP-255) and the Enterprise Operations Division (AFN-100) explored ways to potentially improve the process.

By examining how documents were processed and closely looking at ways to cut time, the team learned that some approval levels could be eliminated in the submission process, particularly from the Aeronautical Center to the FAA Administrator. The new process has trimmed 14 days off from hiring process time, streamlining the workflow for all involved.

Federal Aviation Aministration (FAA) seal